Meet our 2022 Supporters

Meet Zak Corderoy, Evann Pendrill & Harrison Crosby

The Pro 83 Academy is a mission-driven enterprise that seeks to increase access to top-level motorsport for people from non-traditional backgrounds plus
support those without the capacity to compete without our support.

Created by Multiple Support Series Champion and Race Winning British Superbike Rider Danny Buchan and Sports Professional Gary-Lee Hoebeeck, the academy's goal is to work with young athletes providing a comprehensive support team on and off-track to guide their career plus providing unprecedented support through means of funding, coaching, and management. 

The Pro 83 Academy was born from a passion for sport and to give opportunity plus guidance to many of the next generations of athletes.



Established in 2016, RideTo was born from founder James’ own experience learning to ride. With all the confusion around licences and the lack of clarity in the process of learning to ride, James had an idea for something different and RideTo was formed. They are now the UK’s #1 platform for motorcycle training. With over 130 training schools across the country, they’re passionate about making learning to ride, an easier and safer thing to do.


Sixth Gear Motorcycles

Sixth Gear Motorcycles is a social outlet ran by husband & wife duo Griz & Taffy! We post videos on YouTube ranging from motorcycle garage builds, test ride reviews & general vlogs. We have a strong passion for anything 2 wheels, if we're not riding we're working on them or talking bikes on twitter or posting photos of them on Instagram. 


Ride Like A Girl

Jennie is the founder and creator of Ride Like A Girl, a female-focused motorcycle blog and online community. In 2020, Jennie decided to learn how to ride and has since developed a passion to help other women do the same. Her mission is to empower more women to start riding motorcycles by providing encouragement, inspiration and guidance via her social media channels and blog posts.

Classic Rides

Classics Rides is a social channel centred around documenting some of the best motorcycling destinations in the UK, all from onboard a classic styled Triumph Bonneville. Filmed in a unique way by photographer Matt McFadden, Classic Rides’s mini films aim to portray the simple joy of motorcycling through the British Lanscape.

The Honest Biker

I'm a strong advocate for believing that people should say what they feel, be brave, ask the questions and do what makes you happy! Life is short and learning to ride a motorbike has always been on my bucket list, however I felt like my hEDS (hypermobile Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome) might have held me back. About 5 years ago, I had an epiphany, I quit my job, sold all my stuff, crammed everything into a backpack and set off on a 3 year solo journey across Australia, Asia and beyond to really push myself out my comfort zone and learn what made me tick. I made a promise to myself that one thing I would do when I got back, would be to gain my full motorcycle license. 2 years on from there, I am now completing my advanced rider course, am part of the volunteer mental health first aiders with MentalHealthMotorbike (MHMotorbike), and am looking forward to the future and what it may bring!